You haven't YouTubed and that's terrifying. 

Nahhhh, don't worry about it. 

We're going to get you all setup and YouTubing like a pro. 

In this course you're going to learn: 
  • What accounts you'll need / where to stream and upload videos
  • What hardware you'll need to stream easily but trustworthy 
  • What software you'll need to send your beautiful face out into the world
  • How you can utilize Twitch and YouTube to bring in more followers
  • The importance of backing up your save games
  • And some quick tips on how to remain safe online

I bet you're excited! I'm excited for you. 

By the end of this course, you will be streaming and building up your first fans. 

Your first piece of homework is to go to and start watching some streams. 

Choose which streams based on what games you think you would like to stream. 

Watch the popular ones and make note of what you like about their streams and what you don't like. 

Do the same with some streams that don't have a lot of viewers. 

Here's what one Twitch Streamer had to say about the course:
“The first course was fantastic. As I mentioned in my email yesterday, the bite size lessons make it super easy to take in each tip and topic, and figure out how to use that info before the next email comes through with a follow up lesson.” — Kavain 

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