Here's a quick list, and then we'll break down each thing:
  • A console.
  • A PC (or Mac).
  • A capture card.
  • A microphone or headset.
  • A webcam.

Do you need all of these? 

No, but that also depends on what you're streaming/video recording and the quality of video that you want. 

If you only plan to stream from a PC (or Mac), you won't need the console nor the capture card. 

All you need is a decent enough PC (or Mac) to run the game software and the streaming software at the same time. 

We'll discuss the software you need in the next section.

I keep putting Mac in parenthesis because I really don't recommend streaming video games from a Mac. 

That is actually where I got started, and it's absolutely doable, but the better software, as well as most games, require PC. 

It's hard to recommend a PC because there are so many out there, and things are changing rapidly. 

Games that are coming out now need way better hardware than even just a few months ago. 

I'll need to update this course often! 

Right now I recommend a PC with 8GB of RAM and a graphics card that has at least 2GB, but this will be outdated in two years.

Your processor should be at least 3.3 GHz, but again, will be outdated in two years.

Go for better if you can afford it, but, starting with whatever you have now is most important.

Obviously, the better you can do on any of these, the higher luck you'll have on making sure you can run everything. 

(Note that if you invest in these products through the links in this course, I will make a small commission at no extra cost to you.)

This is the PC I use:

If you're just streaming PC games, you won't need the capture card but you will need a good microphone and/or headset. 

This is so that you can hear the game and still talk to people. 

I actually use a headset to hear and then a separate microphone to speak into because of the higher quality sound. 

The headset I use is this Turtle Beach one:

The microphone I use is the Blue Yeti:
with a stand (, shock mount (, and pop filter ( 

I will say this: I wish I had bought a more expensive and sturdier stand. Everything else is great. 

Video with cameras on the face of the player have shown to attract and maintain more viewers than video without a webcam.

I use a nice 1080p cam so that people can really see me and anything else I have going on (like my cat).

I use this Logitec HD webcam:

The newer consoles have streaming built in, so you won't need a capture card and PC if you just want to stream straight from there. 

The problem is that people can't see your face, you're limited on headsets and microphones, and you can't have a nifty overlay to make your stream look cooler. 

If you want to just stream straight from your console, then that's definitely better than nothing. 

But if you want to up your game, you'll need the above hardware for your PC, which you will be sending the video from your console through a capture card. 

A capture card is just a little box that USB's into your PC and allows you to send the stream to your PC for recording or streaming. 

I use an older Elgato Capture HD ( but there are better ones out now for comparable prices. 

This one's cheap and A LOT of streamers use it (or used, before upgrading to newer). 

I guess you'll also need a TV and/or monitor, but you can figure that one out on your own.

That's all you really need as far as hardware goes. Next we'll talk about the software you need. 

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