Going to keep today's bit short and sweet because now that you've got your accounts, hardware, and software set up...I really want you to just get out there and start streaming or making videos.

A common question I get is: "Should I stream to Twitch or YouTube?" 

Another common question I get is "Can I stream to both at the same time?"

The answers are: Twitch; yes but don't.

Here's what you should be doing: stream to Twitch, where the biggest and most focused audience is. 

Then use a free software like JDownloader to rip your videos from your saved Twitch account, and upload them to YouTube.

The reason why we upload videos to YouTube is for your fans that missed a stream. 

They can always know that there's a recording for them to watch. 

Like TIVO for livestreaming.

And really, we do it for our fans, right? 

We're not in it for the money. 

We don't stream so that we can make money...we make money so that we can stream.

We do it for the fans, and we want to make it easier for them to watch even if they miss a show or two.

Plus, you may get some new fans that find you via YouTube.

Alright, go get back to streaming now!

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