Ads only keep people away from your content

Today we're talking about how to make money with ads. 

I hate ads. Ads are the actual worst. They're annoying and they keep people from getting to your content.

Why would you want to keep people from your content?

I hate when I go to a stream or a YouTube video and I have to sit through an ad before I can watch the video. That's BS. 

"But Garrett, they need to monetize somehow!" 

Screw that. 

There's better ways to monetize. 

Not just better because they're less intrusive, but better because they generate more revenue.

Now, you can go easily set up ads on your YouTube videos and of course on Twitch they're pretty much default. 

With YouTube you will need to get approved first, but it's pretty easy. 

They just need to see that you're putting up videos.

If you're gonna do it, don't have video ads. 

Just use sidebar ads. 

I'm's just annoying and it's so much better when you can get your fans straight into your content.

In the rest of this course we'll talk about some better ways to make money.

BTW did I mention ad revenue payout SUCKS unless you have like a million daily views? 

It's awful. 

Not worth your time.

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