Who wants to sell t-shirts??

Merchandise is a cool way to get money, but there is kind of a lot that goes into it.

There are physical products and digital products.

For physical products, we've got things like hats, t-shirts, maybe mousepads. 

You can have all these made and then shipped to you (upfront cost + hiring a designer), then sell and ship them yourself (now add in labor costs). 

Or you can set up w/ a site like Society6 where you just upload the design and they handle everything. 

The profit margin there is really really small though. 

You'd have to sell a lot to make a living. 

And you still probably need to hire a designer to design the merchandise.

Physical merchandise is tough but it's do-able.

I propose a better idea: digital merchandise!

The best example I have is to teach people how to play the games that you play. 

You could do a video series or write a book if it works out that your subject doesn't really need to be seen.

For example, maybe you're good at StarCraft.

You could do a video series teaching people how to play each race well.

Then sell that as a video course. I recommend using Podia.

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