The best and easiest way to make money with YouTube and Twitch

Today is my favorite day of this course.

I get to talk about Affiliate Marketing. 

My favorite way to make money online. 

The best easy way to make money as a streamer and/or YouTuber.

Affiliate marketing (sometimes called referral marketing) is when someone else pays you a commission on every sale you make of their product.

Except you don't even have to carry their product. 

You just use a special referral link and a cookie is dropped in the browser. 

You get money for the sale.

There are like a million affiliate programs out there because they work. 

There are much less in the gaming industry, but there are still quite a few pretty lucrative ones out there.

(Note that if you invest in Dugi Guides through the link in this email, I will make a small commission at no extra cost to you.)

I actually do really well with the WoW Dugi Guides

Dugi Guides referrals alone have been paying for my yearly vacations.

Some affiliate programs are even subscription based sales so that you get money month after month from each sale (Dugi Guides now does, but didn't always).

Even Amazon has an affiliate program where you can link to Amazon products and get a percentage of the sale.

I highly recommend affiliate marketing if you want to make some real money with your streams and YouTube videos.

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