Another great stream monetization option

Do you know what crowdfunding is?

It's when people give you money to fund your thing.

A lot of indie game developers have used it.

Some to success and some to not so much success.

Some just take the money and run.

I'm not really a fan of crowdfunding, but I do like one specific model: Patreon. (2020 update: I actually prefer Podia now)

They're doing a good job.

Patreon is basically a platform where people "donate" money to you for you to continue to make videos.

YouTubers and Twitch Streamers are finding success there because patrons (the people giving you the money) can donate amounts of money based on certain things like $X per month or per video release.

The trick is to incentivize them by offering something exclusive to your patrons. 

Something other people can't get.

I personally won't ever use Patreon (although I did experiment a little in the past because I wouldn't write about something I hadn't done myself). 

But, if it's something that appeals to you, I definitely wouldn't say not to do it (like I say not to do ads).

However, I do think there are better things for making money (like affiliate marketing, in the last email), and I don't recommend offering too many options to support (more on that later).

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