Would you let someone pay you to play video games with them?

This is a recent thing I saw someone do with Diablo III: paid runs.

For $5 he would run people through a rift and they would get to collect all of the gold and items. 

He could do a run in a few minutes and could probably top out at $25-$30 an hour.

Of course, that means he would have to have a full booked day to make a living.

But, I definitely see that as possible.

I also believe he could have doubled that price. 

People would pay $10 for good solid runs.

Think about some different games you play. 

What kind of runs could you offer? 

This sort of thing is something that I would say you can double up with merchandise or affiliate marketing.

Instead of trying to get them to buy a thing, they're buying a service.

And if you provide a good service and have happy customers, you'll get repeat customers. 

That guy probably runs some people multiple times a week or even each day.

Plus he was streaming it, so doing paid runs gives you an "hourly wage" to make content.

Next email we'll talk about the different games you should be playing to make money, and how you can make money anyway, playing games that aren't on that list.

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