Consistency is the key.

Without consistency, people forget about you. 

Not only should you be posting videos consistently, but any marketing you do needs to be consistent as well.

Consistency In Video Posting

On The Celeb Wojcik Show podcast, he interviewed YouTube search expert Tom Martin (listen's full of great info).

Tom Martin says that the sweet spot seems to be 3 videos per week.

I've always been a 1 video per week type of person.

That's okay, too.

I have a lot of other projects going on. Making 3 videos per week is not a priority for me.

You, on the other hand, are here for a reason.

You're here to make a living playing video games.

You need to be posting at a minimum of one video per week.

Three videos on a consistent schedule is ideal.

If you can do more, do more.

Be careful not to burn out, though.

I recommend starting with one video per week.

Make the videos and schedule them out on a consistent schedule.

For example, every Tuesday at 10 am.

Once you have 12 videos in the queue, ready to go, then start doubling up.

That gives you about 3 months of runway.

From there, add your second video per week. Maybe this one is Thursday at 10 am.

Always be 3 months (12 episodes) ahead.

Once you look at your queue and see you have 24 episodes in the queue over the next 12 weeks, add your third.

It's important to pick a day and time and maintain that consistency.

Consistency In Streaming

If you stream on YouTube, you should stream no less than once a week, at the same time on the same day. 

Like a television show. 

The Walking Dead is on Sundays at the same time on the same channel. 

Treat your stream like that.

Of course, the more you stream the more you'll grow it, but make sure you have a set schedule that you stick to on a weekly basis.

This is how you get people to keep coming back.

The same goes for your marketing campaign, which we'll talk more about in the next few emails.

Consistency In Marketing

As you know, I'm a big proponent of optimizing our videos for search (also known as Search Engine Optimization or SEO) rather than social media.

When it comes to SEO, the consistency required is in the quality, rather than the time frame.

We do touch a little bit on social media in this course, but I'm currently working on a new and separate course all about social media.

It includes done-for-you social media posts for an entire year.

You can pre-order it here.

Take Action:

Your homework tonight is to figure out a schedule that you can keep consistently on a weekly basis, and then stick to it!

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