In the internet marketing world, people often say "content is king". 

It's true. 

Without good content, nobody cares about you.

But what is the most engaging content? 

Teaching people. People want to learn. 

Here's a super-secret tip I'm giving away for free right now. 

The YouTube videos that make me the most money are WoW achievement guide videos.

I'm not saying YOU should be doing WoW achievement guide videos unless you already decided that's going to be what you're known for anyway. 

But you could be doing achievement videos for other games. 

Or maybe teaching people how to play various League of Legends characters better.

Hearthstone, Call of Duty, Fortnite.

It doesn't matter as long as you're teaching people something you know how to do that they want to learn.

You don't even have to make videos, though that's possibly easiest for us considering what our goals are and what this course is about.

If all you're doing is typing up blog posts, that's fine as long as it delivers valuable content.

PRO TIP - Here's a step-by-step process for really upping your content game:

  1. Make a video for YouTube of you playing a game and teaching how to do something. Post it.
  2. Transcribe the video (yourself or through a service).
  3. Make a new blog post on your website.
  4. Embed the video at the top.
  5. Put the transcription below.
  6. Add in some screenshots here and there of particularly important parts.
  7. PROFIT!!

This will boost you in Google's search engine as well as Bing, Yahoo, etc.

If you do this consistently with every video you will get massive amounts of traffic.

Take Action

Your homework tonight is to think of 5 things you can teach others about the game (or games) you play on your YouTube channel. 

Write them down and get making that content!

Then, you post it on your website so it's easy for people to find. 

Schedule each post out so one comes out every week. 

Remember, consistency is the key! 

You want to be making at least one new piece of content every week. 

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