The real secret behind successful social media.

Are you ready for a short lesson?

Today we're talking about the real point of social media. 

It's super easy.

The bare minimum you should be doing on social media is posting out when you're streaming or post a video, when you put new content on your website, and what you're up to regarding your streams and videos.

But the real strength in social media is engaging your followers and the people you follow.

It's called SOCIAL media for a reason. 

Too many people just post out and don't ever interact with others. 

That's the worst way to use social media. That's how you quickly become irrelevant.

I know because this is me on social media lol. I'm more interested in the search engines.

It's okay not to use social media, but you'll find more success if you do.

What you should be doing is reaching out to as many people as possible. 

Make friends! Be social with your media.

Also, a pro-tip: visual content gets a much higher view rate than content that is just text. 

When you DO post things like announcements of new content, include an image in your posts! 

That goes for Twitter and Facebook too!

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